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      I've struggled with left over tan marks on my body for years, spending hours scrubbing away in the shower only to be left with a horrible burn from a sponge or looufa! This product has SOLVED THOSE PROBLEMS. I was amazed at how easy this product was to use, and even more amazed by the results. It removed my LovingTan Official, my St. Tropez, and my Fake Bake within 1 use. The best part- it was easy to wash off and didn't leave any remnants!!! 10/10 recommend this product, there's nothing else like it on the market.

      - Stephanie Behring

      I can’t express enough how much I love, not only, the Tan X product and glove but the customer service! The BEST!!! The combo of the tan remover and the mitt is incomparable. Now my client’s skin (and my skin) is always spray tan ready. No more leftover tan!!! Just a nice, blank “canvas.” Not to mention no more tanned palms for me. Total game changer all around. Also regarding customer service, Amy is by far the best of the best with her care and commitment to this brand. Do yourself a favor and add Tan X to your life...won’t regret it! Your clients won’t regret it!

      - Melissa Krampitz

      I love getting spray tans, but I hate getting blotchy legs on the 6th/7th day post tan. I was looking for a natural spray tan remover on Amazon when I came across X-TAN Remover. What caught my attention was the fact they're a natural, vegan, and paraben-free brand. The product even has vitamins C and D! I ordered a bottle, and WOW was I pleasantly shocked! X-TAN erased the tan off my skin with ease within 5 minutes, and my skin felt so smooth afterwards! I read the bottle label more closely, and saw that hyaluronic acid is an ingredient which explains how nourishing my skin felt! I'm obsessed with how well this product works, and a handful of my friends have ordered this product and have gotten the same great results. Don't be like me for so many years and walk around with blotchy legs from leftover spray tans!

      - Vi Pavlicevich

      I am so happy I found something that can remove my old or botched tans easily.

      - Lauren Erro

      Beauty Blogger

      It has been so difficult to get clients to remove their spray tan completely before they come to me and Xtan has been such a blessing for my biz, it works right away removing an old tan without having to damage skin from excessive scrubbing and it leaves the skin soft and hydrated, I recommend doing it a day before the spray tan appt but we have a bottle handy at the salon because we have a few clients that come unprepared and this product removes instantly without much work patches of overspray, I just make sure I remove any left over product.

      - Fabiola Trujillo

      Celebrity Spray Tan Artist, Owner of Sobe Tan, Sobe Tan Academy, Writer of Mastering the Art of Spray Tanning