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      X-Tan Sunless. The #1 Choice for Luxury Sunless Products.

      At X-Tan, our mission is clear: To provide high quality, luxury sunless products that prioritized skin health and great results over everything else. Kelly’s love for esthetics and advanced knowledge in sunless tanning is what has led to the ascension of X-Tan and its unique products. Over the years, X-TAN has grown to become the 1-stop-shop for all sunless products. X-TAN has helped thousands of sunless artists start and grow their businesses from the ground up. Our solutions feature rare, yet powerful botanicals that set it apart from basic products out there. Our luxury brand is a fan favorite for sunless artists (and tanning enthusiasts) everywhere.

      Kelly Ann Callaghan
      Licensed Esthetician
      Founder of Slay The Spray + Spray Tan Class
      Owner of X-Tan Sunless

      Meet Kelly

      X-Licensed Esthetician Kelly Ann Callaghan started her career in sunless 8 years ago and has now become one of the leaders in the spray tanning industry. She runs the world’s largest spray tanning event, Slay The Spray, and her businesses expand from the US, to Canada and even Europe. When she first started out, Kelly experienced first hand how difficult it was to find the right products and training for her sunless business. She wanted to create the best sunless products so no other sunless entrepreneur had to waste time or money looking for the right brands for their business. She had a goal to create sustainable luxury products that was better than anything on the market. Today, X-TAN has done just that. Thousands have used X-TAN to launch or elevate their sunless businesses.

      Introducing X-TAN Sunless Tan Remover, the first exfoliating tan removing spray in the United States.

      X-Tan is A Luxury Sunless Brand Made for Professionals by Professionals. Our shop features top of the line sunless solutions, state of the art sunless equipment, and all the sunless accessories you need for your spray tan business. Our professional tanning solutions are made with Eco-Certified DHA and feature skin nourishing ingredients that help heal and protect skin, long after the tan is gone.

      The Science of Sunless Skin Care

      DHA is the main ingredient in sunless solutions. DHA is a naturally derived sugar found in plants, animals and foods. When DHA reacts with the surface layer of skin, brown colored compounds are formed, called melanoids. The melanoids help give your skin a natural looking tan that can last for several days, even weeks. At XTan, we only use Eco Certified DHA – which means not only is it good quality, but it’s also environmentally friendly.

      DHA + Nourishing Botanicals = The Perfect Tanning Solution

      DHA is known to dry out the skin and cause cracking, flaking and skin damage that can ruin your tan. Our Eco Certified DHA solutions are infused with nourishing botanicals that moisturize and soften skin for a radiant glow. We designed our formula to counterbalance the skin drying qualities of DHA by adding skin protecting nutrients like Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe Vera, Grape Seed Oil, and Green Tea Extract. This is how your skin stays healthy and soft, even with the darkest tans.

      Our X-Tan sunless remover is packed with skin conditioning nutrients that easily erase tans without using harsh chemicals. X-TAN products are easy to use and are Vegan and cruelty free. Elevate your sunless business with with X-TAN professional line of sunless products.