Debunking Spray Tan Myths

Debunking Spray Tan Myths

Spray tanning has gained popularity for those who desire to have a sun-kissed glow without risking the damage that comes from UV exposure. When starting your spray tan business journey, you will likely find that there are several prevailing myths and opinions surrounding the sunless industry as a whole. There will be people in your community who question the expectations they may receive from a spray tan transformation. These hesitations typically come from the early years of spray tanning where celebrities were often seen sporting less-than-natural results. Fortunately, advancements in the sunless industry have paved the way for spray tan artists to educate their communities on the natural results and skin health benefits that are now achievable through spray tanning.

Throughout the rest of this post we will debunk some common misunderstandings surrounding spray tanning:

Myth 1: Spray Tans Turn You Orange

Fear of an unnatural orange hue is a common myth that many first time sunless clients have. Modern spray tanning solutions, when applied correctly, are formulated with skin-loving ingredients that help to produce a natural-looking tan. However, despite the leaps and bounds that sunless tanning products have made, spray tan artists also need to ensure that their technique is up to par in order to avoid an orange tint. When choosing an artist, it’s important to look for someone that is an educated and certified spray tan technician who understands the way sunless solutions interact with different skin types. With the proper knowledge, spray tan solution can be tailored to the client's natural skin tone to ensure the outcome is always a golden glow, without pulling orange.

Myth 2: Spray Tanning is Unsafe for Your Skin

Some people are concerned about the safety of spray tan solutions because of the way the service applies product directly to the body. However, DHA, the active ingredient in spray tan solution, is found to be FDA approved and safe to apply to the top layer of the skin. DHA, which is derived from sugar and fermented glycerin, reacts with the amino acids on the outer skin layer in order to create a tan-like effect. This is why spray tans only tend to last around 7-10 days. Due to the natural shedding process of the skin, the tanning solution is slowly sloughed off and therefore the tan fades within a week or two. In order to increase the safety of spray tanning during application, it’s advised that client’s wear protection on areas that have mucous membranes, such as the eyes and lips. 

Myth 3: Spray Tans Don't Last Long

Contrary to the misconception that spray tans are a short-lived beauty treatment, the longevity of a spray tan depends on factors such as skin type, aftercare, and solution quality. With proper care and moisturizing, a spray tan can last up to a week or more. Offering add-on options, aftercare products and ensuring that clients have proper knowledge on skin prep can extend the duration of a tan to nearly two weeks.

Myth 4: Spray Tanning Doesn't Work on Fair Skin

Fair-skinned individuals often worry that their skin tone will not be able to achieve natural looking results from a fake tan. The clients who fall in this area on the Fitzpatrick Scale usually do not tan naturally in the sun, therefore are concerned about looking unnatural or too dark from a sunless session. In reality, spray tanning can be customized for various skin tones, including fair skin. A knowledgeable technician can adjust the solution to achieve a subtle, natural tan that complements lighter complexions, just as much as they can offer a deep dark bronze for clients with naturally darker skin tones. The variety of sunless solutions on the market today allows for versatility and inclusion within the industry for all people. 

Myth 5: Spray Tanning Offers No Health Benefits

Beyond aesthetics, spray tanning reduces the need for sun exposure to get a flawless glow, lowering the risk of skin damage and premature aging. It's a safe alternative to achieve a  bronzed look without UV exposure that can lead to life-threatening risks, such as skin cancer. Although many people may not feel they have to worry about the risks that come from UV rays until they reach their older years, it's not uncommon for individuals who are only in their 20’s and 30’s to experience the damaging effects of skin cancer. Not to mention, spray tanning can be seen as part of an overall skincare routine. Many spray tan solutions include skin-nourishing ingredients that add extra hydration and revitalize skin to reduce signs of aging.

While misconceptions about spray tanning persist, proper education allows spray tan artists to consistently deliver beautiful sunless tanning results to their clients. As a spray tan artist, understanding client preferences, recommending appropriate pre and post-tan care practices, and delivering a top-notch technique will ensure a flawless and enjoyable sun-kissed experience each and every time. Bust the myths surrounding sunless tanning and provide a luxurious spray tanning application by exploring premium quality sunless solution and products from X-Tan Sunless. Your journey to becoming a renowned spray tan artist and business owner starts here!



The Role Exfoliation Plays In Sunless Tanning

The Role Exfoliation Plays In Sunless Tanning

One of the things our clients look forward to the least when it comes to their sunless tanning routine, is when their tan starts to fade! The main goal as a spray tan artist is to provide our clients with a tan that looks as flawless as possible, even when the color starts to diminish! Unfortunately, as much as we try to give our clients the tools and knowledge to prep their skin for a seamless fade, uneven fading does occasionally take place. The question your clients may wonder is, “what causes uneven fading?” There’s a few different factors that contribute to the way a spray tan wears, whether it fades evenly, and how long the color lasts on the skin. Exfoliation is one of the main factors that affects the longevity of a spray tan and the quality of its fade. Doing proper exfoliation during pre-tan prep and avoiding unnecessary exfoliation post-tan should always be taken into consideration when trying to actively minimize uneven or premature fading of a sunless tan. With this in mind, we have outlined the ways in which exfoliation plays a major role in pre and post tan care when it comes to achieving a flawless fade. 

Pre-Tan Exfoliation 

Exfoliating prior to a sunless tan, whether you prefer to get a professional spray tan or opt for an at-home DIY tan, is a crucial step to avoiding evenness during the lifespan of that tan. The reason spray tan artists are trained to deliver precise pre-tan instructions and educate clients on the power of exfoliation is because of the role this single step will play in preparing the skin to evenly distribute the spray tan solution. Exfoliating ensures that the dead skin cells on the top layer of the skin are sloughed off prior to the skin being saturated with tanning solution. This helps deliver the solution to a fresh canvas, increasing the likelihood that the sunless tan will develop without streaks, creating flawless results that last! However, if exfoliating is not done prior to a spray tan, the client can expect to experience premature and uneven fading.

Post-Tan Exfoliation 

Although it’s imperative to do proper exfoliation prior to a spray tan, excess exfoliation can also play a role in uneven fading when it comes to spray tanning. You might think this advice is contradictory to what we just talked about, however it's important to keep in mind that while exfoliating prior to the tan helps create flawless, even results, exfoliation taking place on the skin post-tan can also create unevenness and premature fading. When the active ingredient in sunless tanning products, DHA, interacts with the skin, it’s only developing on the top layer of the skin. This means that whenever additional exfoliation takes place on the skin, the tan will start to be removed. 

Excess exfoliation can take place from:

  • Exfoliating body scrubs and washes

  • Products containing mineral oils and alcohol

  • Excessive sweating

  • Shaving 

Yes, Glow Boss, you heard that correctly! Excessive sweating can lead to uneven fading, especially when it’s combined with tight clothing. You may find this fading in areas where clothing, such as sports bras rubs against the skin during a workout. This may be somber news for all the gym girlies, but wearing workout clothes that are more loose fitting can keep the tan intact for a glow that lasts longer even through a heavy gym session. 

Luckily, the situations that cause exfoliation to the skin can be avoided and remedied with proper education and planning! In your post tan care instructions that are provided to clients, make sure these considerations are noted and talked about with your clients prior and during their spray tan appointments so they get the best experience possible even after their tan has fully developed.

If you want to enhance your client experience even further, X-Tan has everything you need! With premium sunless solutions and retail products for aftercare, your clients will rave over their jaw-dropping bronze transformation. To explore all of the X-Tan Sunless retail options that are ready to be implemented into your sunless biz, head to the X-Tan Pro Shop today!



3 Steps To Starting a Beauty Business

3 Steps To Starting a Beauty Business

Starting on a new business journey inevitably involves facing a learning curve and encountering challenges, especially when you’re taking the passion you have for making others feel fantastic and channeling that into a business opportunity. If the thought seems overwhelming, rest assured that launching your dream sunless business doesn’t have to be difficult and you certainly don’t have to maneuver the obstacles of entrepreneurship alone. In this article, we’ll outline three straightforward steps that you can take toward immediate action in getting your business venture started so that you can be sure your new sunless biz takes off smoothly.


Taking the leap to invest in your dream is a big decision that requires a lot of thought, consideration and courage. X-Tan Sunless and Spray Tan Class understand the fears and doubts that can arise when making the decision to take such a massive step in the direction of building your dream life and business. While launching or growing your business might feel uncomfortable at times, it’s crucial to remember that you'll never experience the true level of success you desire if you stick within your comfort zone. If you’re uncertain about enrolling in a spray tan certification course, a discovery call is an excellent way to discuss your concerns. Spray Tan Class offers this as an option to help provide clarity on the best next steps tailored to your needs. During this call you have the opportunity to speak with one of the Spray Tan Class certified trainers in order to gain more insight into what value is offered through each certification course.

Take Certification Course

Congratulations on committing to pursuing your dreams and starting your sunless business! The next crucial step is obtaining your spray tan certification, empowering you to enter your business as a confident and educated Glow Boss. While gaining a certification in spray tanning may not be a requirement in many states, having the knowledge and education that comes from a certification course will enhance your ability to deliver a five-star experience to clients from the very beginning of your business journey. Spray Tan Class courses are intentionally brand-neutral, offering a comprehensive overview of options available to you as a sunless artist. These trainings cover not only spray tan techniques, but also essential aspects of marketing your new business, providing insights and strategies that attract raving fans so you can build a rock solid clientele from the start.

Work Alongside a Mentor

The value of mentorship is a pivotal aspect to the journeys of many successful entrepreneurs, allowing them to reach their goals in a shorter time frame than they would have without the guidance of a mentor. Finding a mentor who’s already established success in your desired field serves as a powerful source of inspiration and motivation. You may have heard the saying, “Success leaves clues.” This quote encompasses the value that having a mentor who  guides you through their experiences will have on helping to expedite the journey toward your own goals. Through Spray Tan Class, once you’ve become a certified spray tan artist, you can look forward to a 60-Day Group Business Coaching with Kelly Callaghan that awaits you. During this time period, a mentor will assist you in launching your business and conquering any fears that may be holding you back from truly achieving sunless success. Additionally, you’ll receive access to the exclusive Spray Tan Class Facebook Group so you can connect with fellow sunless students, fostering a supportive community as you strive to become the Glow Boss you’ve always envisioned.

Whether you’re just starting down the path of being a sunless biz owner or aiming to advance your existing business with further education and certifications, our Beginner’s, Master’s, and Mini Courses are designed to help elevate your beauty biz to new heights without the guesswork. For more details, visit spraytanclass.com today!



Mastering the Art of Spray Tanning Hands: Tips for a Flawless Application

Mastering the Art of Spray Tanning Hands: Tips for a Flawless Application

During your time as a spray tan artist, have you ever faced the challenge of spray tanning hands!? Dealing with "spray tan hands'' can be tricky because this area requires special attention in order to achieve a natural look. The skin of the hands tends to be different from the rest of the body. This paired with dry skin that often takes place on the hands makes this area prone to an unnatural appearance if not properly dealt with. Since the active ingredient in spray tan solutions, DHA, is drying to the skin in general, it can cause dryer parts of the body, such as the hands, to be oversaturated, which can result in an orange hue. Additionally, attention must be given to inner wrist creases and knuckles to avoid white lines where the fingers bend. Perfecting the spray tan on your client's hands is vital because if a client’s hands look unnatural, this can be a dead give away they are wearing a sunless tan. The goal is to always create a tan that looks like it could have come directly from the sun. Remember, your clients are walking advertisements for your business, so mastering your technique is crucial for flawless results that build a stellar reputation for your services.

Let's delve into the secrets of mastering the technique of spray tanning hands, ensuring your application turns out naturally flawless every time. Here's a step-by-step breakdown: 

1. Apply a Thin Layer of Spray Tan-Safe Moisturizer: Begin by applying a thin layer of spray tan-safe moisturizer to the tops of the hands, covering the knuckles. This moisturizer adds extra moisture to dry areas, creating a smooth canvas for the spray tan while reducing the risk of oversaturation. 

2. Apply Barrier Cream to Nails & Palms: Prevent oversaturation of solution by applying barrier cream to the palms, inside of wrists, and fingernails. This ensures these areas don't absorb too much solution which can cause the hands and wrists to pull orange and look unnatural.

3. Instruct the Client to Make "Bear Claws": Before spraying, ask your client to make "bear claws" with their hands. Putting the hands in this position allows the client to have bent knuckles and with their fingers spread apart, allowing for even spray coverage without the development of white crepey lines.

4. Spray in an "X" Formation: When spraying, use an "X" formation over the hands with your spray tan gun. This ensures that the sides of the fingers and hands are evenly distributed with spray tan solution for a more natural looking result.

5. Blend with an X-TAN Blending Brush: After spraying, use the X-TAN blending brush to gently buff the solution into the hands and inside the wrists. This step creates a seamless blend for a natural appearance and removes excess solution that could cause the hands to develop too dark.

6. Remove Excess Barrier Cream: After the spray tan application is complete, use a baby wipe to remove any excess barrier cream and solution on the palms and fingernails. This step helps to ensure that any unwanted solution is removed so that the nails and palms do not become stained during the spray tan application.

Pro Tip: Keep in mind the "Feathering Technique“ for a more natural development of color. When you slightly pull your spray tan gun away from the inner wrist area while tanning the arms, the spray tan will develop into a result that mimics a natural UV tan.

We hope these tips assist you in achieving perfect spray tanning results every time! If you have interest in leveling up your spray tan technique, X-Tan carries all of the equipment, products, solution and tools needed to bring an elevated skill set into your sunless business and provide your clients with a premium sunless experience!



5 Expert Tips To Mastering Your Spray Tan Technique

5 Expert Tips To Mastering Your Spray Tan Technique

To become the sunless expert you have always wanted to be, it's essential to seek out education on the tips and tricks that will elevate your spray tan game. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a newcomer to the sunless industry, these techniques will help you provide your clients with the most beautiful, natural-looking spray tans. The ultimate goal of each tanning session is to leave your clients feeling like they've just enjoyed a sun-kissed experience, radiating confidence from the inside out. By delivering a professional service that goes beyond the norm, you'll build a loyal clientele of raving fans that keeps coming back for more.

Here are five expert tips to enhance your spray tan technique so you can become the artist of choice in your town:

1. Wrists and Palms

Spray tanning the arms, wrists, and hands can be challenging for many sunless artists. If you’ve felt yourself struggling with the application on these areas of the body, you’re definitely not alone! Achieving a naturally blended tone on the inner wrist while avoiding the palms can be tricky. To avoid oversaturation on the wrists and palms when spray tanning the arms, make sure to bend the wrists away from the spray stream and stop spraying before reaching the palm. It’s also beneficial to implement a feathering technique by gradually pulling your spray gun away as you approach the wrist to create a more natural fade and prevent heavy development of color on the inner wrist near the palm that appears unnatural. The wrists and hands can be more dry than other areas on the body, so applying a barrier cream on the palms, fingernails and a thin layer of lotion on the inner wrist paired with a technique that controls the amount of solution applied to the skin is vital to preventing a sharp line of color from the wrist to the palm.

2. Overlapping Layers

Streaks are the enemy of sunless tanning, and as professionals, we aim to deliver an even, flawless glow every time. Avoiding the dreaded orange hue and streaks that so many clients fear when walking into a spray tan appointment can be achievable through careful technique. Ensure a slight overlap in each layer that is applied to the body while spraying to cover all areas of the skin. This method guarantees a consistently beautiful and even tan without any streaks or missed areas by slightly overlapping the spray stream when moving from one portion of the body to the next.

3. Avoiding the Underarm

When spraying the sides of your clients, it's essential to steer clear of the underarm area. To mimic the natural tanning process where the underarm remains lighter than the rest of the body, create an X-shaped spray pattern when applying solution to your client’s sides. This technique ensures a more natural overall appearance for the tan without a dark underarm area.

4. Mastering the Hands

Spraying the hands can be particularly challenging, especially for beginners. Issues that take place from spray tanning the hands often include oversaturation and unevenness between the fingers and creases of the knuckles. Instruct your clients to put their hands in the position of "bear claws" by slightly bending and spreading their fingers. Then, spray in an X formation across the hands for a method that evenly distributes the solution between the fingers and in the knuckle creases, preventing unnatural white creases and unevenness of color across the fingers. 

5. Enhancing the Booty

Accentuating the buttocks to create a more full and perky booty is a great way to create a jaw-dropping transformation that makes your clients feel like their most snatched version of themselves. Use a contouring technique by focusing the spray on the under area of the buttocks and creating a half moon motion following the "smile lines" or crease area under the booty to enhance the shadow of the body. This will have your clients looking in the mirror in awe at their emphasized shape. To perfect this technique, have your client slightly bend at the knees and lean forward from the waist for even spray coverage that allows the smile lines of the buttocks to dry, giving the appearance of a bronzed and sculpted physique.

These expert tips are just a glimpse of the sunless techniques that can be implemented to enhance your spray tan game. If you're ready to elevate your skills to the next level and become a true Glow Boss, explore our course options and consider our Master's Certification Training. Your journey to mastering the art of sunless tanning awaits!