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4 Tips To Getting The Perfect Spray Tan Face Contour

4 Tips To Getting The Perfect Spray Tan Face Contour

This is the year of spray tan body contouring! When you provide body contouring services in your spray tan business, you have the opportunity to offer clients an exceptional sunless experience that leaves them feeling like the epitome of a bronzed goddess. In the Spray Tan Class Master’s Spray Tan Certification Course, students are taken through an in-depth lesson on perfecting the art of body contouring, receiving expert guidance on crafting a transformation that sets your artistry and business apart. The education received on body contouring meticulously covers each part of the body, providing artists with instructions on applying contour techniques to naturally sculpt and define each client’s unique physique. In this article, we are going to touch on some of that knowledge by providing you with a few tips on how spray tan contouring can be used to deliver a flawlessly sculpted face!

As an expert Glow Boss, you understand the impact of providing irresistible add-on services in your sunless business. Facial contouring is the secret weapon in your service menu, giving you an outlet to showcase your skills and boost income for your spray tan business.

Now, let’s unlock the secrets of face contouring! The Spray Tan Class Master's Certification spills the tea on spray tan contouring, offering the expert techniques to perfecting a sculpted face for your clients. Here's a sneak peek at what you'll learn:

1. Sculpted Cheekbones:

All clients adore the look of lifted and defined cheekbones that create a slimmer appearance to the face. Enhance and lift cheekbones by adding a contour shade to the sides of the face with these simple steps:

  • Instruct your client to turn their head to either side.

  • Have the client suck in their cheeks to give a more pronounced view of the cheekbone area.

  • On each side of the face, add the contour shade to the hollows of the cheek, creating a subtle shadow from the middle of the ear and curving under the apples of the cheeks

2. A Defined Jaw

With face contouring, you can craft the illusion of a strong, sculpted jawline. Create the perfect jawline contour with your contour gun using these steps:

  • Have the client tilt their chin up.

  • Add contour shade tracing directly under the chin and jawline.

  • Watch as the client’s lower face instantly becomes more defined.

3. Create a Smaller Forehead

Contouring allows you to shift the appearance of your client’s features. When using a contour shade with the correct technique, you can make certain features look smaller or less prominent. This can be done through face contouring by adding a darker contour shade to the forehead using these tips:

  • Pull your gun further away from the face so that the stream of solution that makes contact with the skin is less concentrated.

  • Spray in circular motions, evenly applying the solution near the hairline for an for a blended appearance.

4. The Perfect Nose

Face contouring is the key to achieving a non-surgical nose job within minutes. When using a contour shade, you are able to create shadows on the sides of the nose to make it appear slimmer or shorter:

  • Use your contour gun to lightly add the contour shade to either side of the nose for a slimming effect and to the end of the nose to make the nose appear shorter.

Sunless Biz Tip: Boost Your Revenue with Facial Contouring:

To maximize your revenue, consider offering facial contouring as a stand-alone add-on service for an additional charge (e.g., $5 extra). It's a small investment that brings significant value to your clients and your business. This is the perfect enhancement for clients who want to wake up effortlessly sculpted without the need for makeup and especially ideal for bridal clients who want to feel like the most glowing bride who radiates confidence while walking down the aisle.

Elevate your sunless business by immersing yourself in the world of spray tan body contouring! The Master's Course is your gateway to mastering the art of sculpting and enhancing your client’s features to give them the sculpted physique of their dreams! Schedule a call with one of Spray Tan Class Student Coordinators today so that you can start providing clients with a service that has them feeling flawlessly sculpted! If you’ve already incorporated contouring into your service menu, X-Tan Sunless now offers state-of-the-art body contouring technology with the Cordless Airbrush Gun. Now you can effortlessly highlight your clients features for game-changing results and bring the best contour artistry into every appointment!