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      How does the X-TAN remover work?

      The X-TAN reverses the process of tanning by exfoliating the sunless tan off at a deeper layer in the top layer of the skin.

      Does it include harmful chemicals?

      There are no harsh chemicals. The solution has been tested and approved by a dermatologist. The ingredients are derived from natural sources.

      Will it dry out my skin?

      X-TAN has a powerful moisturizer: hyaluronic acid and is packed full of soothing botanical extracts such as Water Lily extracts, and powerful anti-oxidants: Kakadu Plum and Green Tea. Your skin will be incredibly moisturized, nourished and smooth.

      Is X-TAN easy to use?

      Yes, this is a 2-step process that takes only a few mins. Please refer to the instructions for use in the X-TAN video and on the packaging label.

      Will it remove my natural tan on my skin?

      No, X-TAN will only remove the sunless tan from your skin.

      Can I get another tan right away?

      Yes, X-TAN Remover will prepare your skin for the next spray tan. It is recommended to rinse your skin thoroughly with water after removing the tan.

      Does it take off a spray tan and self-tan?

      Yes, X-TAN will remove both.

      Can I use it more than once a week?

      Yes, make sure you rinse with water after each use.