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      Brand New & Finally Launched...

      X-Tan’s Brand New, X-tremely Super Hydrating Sunless Tanning Mousse:

      Get That Natural Sun-Kissed Look That Doesn’t Fade Fast, Look Fake Or Leave You Feeling Like A Prune! After All, You Deserve To Look Flawless...


      Our Sunless tanning Mousse Is The Most Super Hydrated On The Market

      Your Skin Can Thank Us Later… 

      Did you know The main ingredient in sunless tanning is DHA?

      Although it gives you the look of spendings days on end in the sun, the problem is, it’s very drying on the skin. This affects both your tan and your skin health. Your tan fades much faster, and your skin is left feeling coarse, dried-out, and generally damaged. That’s double not OK… so we did something about it! 

      We Pack Our Sunless Tanning Mousse (And Every Product) With Extremely Hydrating, Exotic Ingredients 

      So Your Tan Can Last Longer And Your Hydrated Skin Can Stay Stronger

      Hyaluronic Acid

      Draws intense hydration to your skin. Helps tan look much more natural and last much longer.


      Increases skin moisture. Helps tan look much more natural and last much longer.

      Mamate Sapote Fruit

      Fruit with highest amount of vitamin E, that penetrates deep in your skin to moisturize & strengthen your tan

      Kakadu Plum

      100 times more vitamin C than oranges. Provides anti-oxidant protection and nourishment to skin. Tan will last longer from hydration

      Banana Flower

      Extremely hydrating plant that draws moisture to skin and provides anti-oxidants to skin. Tan will will not streak or look patchy, it will last longer.

      Paraben Free

      100% Natural DHA

      Tanning You Can Trust: 

      X-Tan Is Founded By Registered Nurse Amy Staubitz

      Using sunbeds can increase your risk of skin cancer by an alarming 75%. It’s time self-tanners stepped up their game, started producing incredible bronzed results, and stopped any need to go on a sunbed…

      Here at X-Tan, we’re on a mission to create the best self-tanning products out there to give you all the benefits of UV tanning/sunbeds without the dangerous drawbacks. Our products provide antioxidant protection, incredible moisture, and nourishment for smooth skin and a long-lasting 10/10 tan. ALL without a single dangerous UV in sight! 

      Be The First to Use and Retail The Most Hydrating Self Tanning Mousse on The Market! 


      Real People. Real (Looking) Glows

      Ssh… It’s Our Little Secret... 

      Become the First Retailer in Your Area! 

      I Am So Ready! Let's Glow!I WANT TO TRY!