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Mini-Mist® HVLP Spray Tanning System T-6000

Mini-Mist® HVLP Spray Tanning System T-6000

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The HVLPsun® Mini-Mist® is the perfect mobile tanning solution. The Mini-Mist® is designed for the mobile technician with a lightweight, durable plastic body it is easy to move from place to place and keep clean.

This system is a workhorse and can easily provide 20+ tans a day without a problem. This little beauty is right at home with your next tanning party, beauty pageant and body building contests.

The Mini-Mist® comes complete with a 10 foot Air-FlexTM air hose designed to give you lightweight and balance while being flexible. Our air hose uses lightweight alloy couplers to reduce weight and a Super-FlexTM whip hose for strain relief.

The Mini-Mist® is paired with the T6000 professional Mist Applicator, which has been designed without “O” rings making it is easy to clean and maintain.T6000 is lightweight making many tans a day much easier on your wrist.

The Mini-Mist® is backed by over 50 years of innovation and design and comes with a 1-year Limited Warranty on parts and labor.

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