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Bronzite™ Artist Sample Pack

Bronzite™ Artist Sample Pack

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Here’s how you can try Bronzite™ solutions, drops, and some of our best-selling products at a fraction of the cost. The Bronzite™ Artist Sample Box has all our Bronzite™ fan favorites in one box. Great for spray tanning artists who are just getting started or artists who are looking to upgrade their sunless kit.

In the Bronzite™ Artist Sample Box, you get:

Bronzite™ Light, Medium, and Dark 8 oz. Samples

  • Try the hottest solution on the market. This is all you need to create any variation of sunless shade for your clients. 

Bronzite™ Amythest Violet, Jade Green, and Ruby Red 1 oz. Bronzing Drops

  • Love different base colors? This is your key to total custom creation in your sunless tanning experience. Couple this with Bronzite™ solutions for any shade, and any base to fit all of your clients' sunless needs.

X-Tan Self Tanning Mousse

  • Deliver X-Treme Hydration with Sunless Tanning Mousse for younger, healthier skin and longer-lasting spray tans.

Streak-Free Tanning Mitt

  • Use this mitt for an easy application that eliminates streaks and drips for a flawless self-tan every time. 

Sunless Blending Brush

  • Instantly erases drips, streaks, and any other minor imperfections in application with a simple dab or blending stroke. 

X-TAN Sunless Tan Remover Spray

  • X-Tan’s brand new sunless tan Remover Spray Gently exfoliates skin with natural ingredients to remove old tans without damaging your client’s skin. Just Spray and Wipe! 

X-Tan Remover Glove (Gloves May Have Mark From Packaging)

  • Made with durable fabric, this glove is your best friend for cleaning up those stubborn areas, like elbows, knees, and feet. 

Moroccan Exfoliating Mitt

  • Born from ancient Hammam bathing rituals, this Moroccan Exfoliating Mitt Conforms to your body’s curves with the natural materials gently lifting dirt, oils, dead skin, and old spray tans, leaving your skin soft, smooth, clean, and ready for your next sunless application.

X-Treme Scrub

  • X-Tan’s X-Treme Scrub provides full exfoliation treatment to help prepare clients' skin for the perfect tan. 
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