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X-Tan Sunless Gift Pack for Her - Wholesale

X-Tan Sunless Gift Pack for Her - Wholesale

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What's included in the X-Tan Sunless Gift Pack for Her

The Most Hydrating, Long Lasting, Skin-Friendly Self-Tanning Products On The Market! 

FACT: Hydrated, Healthy Skin Holds Onto Self-Tan For So Much Longer 

So, Why Wouldn’t We Make Our Products SUPER Moisturizing?! 

The X-Tan Sunless Tanning Mousse provides more natural hydration and nourishment than any other tanning product out there. 

Seriously Check Your Current Self-Tanner…

The main ingredient will be DHA which is great for bronzing skin… but really bad for drying it out. 

Most tanners don’t offset their DHA with anything to stop your skin from drying out, cracking, or looking crusty. 

Not only does your skin start to suffer, but it also struggles to hold onto your tan. 

That’s a lose/lose situation that’s been going for you too long in the self-tanning world. 

That’s why, here at X-Tan, we are MAD about keeping your skin moisturized!  

The extra hydration means: 

  • Your spray tan will last longer 
  • Your tan will look more natural 
  • Your sunless tan won’t damage/dry out your skin  

Natural. Streak-Free. Flawless For Longer.  

✔️Paraben Free ✔️ 100% Natural DHA

X-Tan Mousse + X-Tan Mitt + X-Tan Blending Brush = FLAWLESS SELF-TANNING MAGIC

How To Use: 

  1. Exfoliate & Moisturize (Obvs!) 
  2. Pump A Small Amount Onto Your Mitt (It Goes A Long Way!)
  3. Apply Using Circular Motions Over Your Body (Layer Up To Look More Bronzed)
  4. Wait 8 Hours Before You Shower (Just Don’t Tell Anybody…)
  5. Wake Up Looking Beautiful, Bronzed & Moisturized (And Show The World!)
  6. Moisturize Daily To Extend Your Gorgeous Glow (You Won’t Regret It) 
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