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Pristine pH Prep Spray

Pristine pH Prep Spray

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For the Perfect Sunless Tanning Experience. Flawless, Sunless Tanning meets Luxury Skin Care

XTan’s pH Prep Spray is an essential part of creating a flawless faux tan. XTan’s Prep Spray formula is designed to balance the skin's pH levels while helping create a clean canvas prior to any spray tan application.

How to Use:

Lightly shake the bottle before each use. Before applying spray tanning solution or self-tanner, lightly mist XTan’s Prep Spray over the entire body. Evenly apply prep spray by maintaining a steady and even distance from the body while spraying. If you find the spray is obviously wet on the skin, dab the skin with a clean towel and press it into the skin. Otherwise, allow the prep spray to dry before applying spray tanning solution onto the skin.

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